When you find your niche everything fits into place!


I’m Abbi Hoxleigh, founder of Little PR Rock Marketing Limited.

As a PR professional, I am dedicated to ensuring that every story I share is ethical, accurate, and tailored to meet the needs of both our clients and the media. Establishing mutual trust between news sources and their recipients is essential. By listening and understanding all parties’ unique perspectives, I can better provide targeted and compelling content that resonates with our target audience.

I’m a passionate communications professional. Effective communication is essential to the human experience, enabling us to connect with others and share our ideas. I specialise in translating complex information into easily digestible formats that resonate with various audiences. Whether through public relations, training or speaking, I am committed to delivering informative and ethical messages.

I would love to connect or hear from you if you’re looking for a PR partner who values trust and effective communication.


I flourish in environments centred around human interaction, where building relationships is key. My passion for public relations and mental health exemplifies the importance of setting a strong example and showcases qualities of courage, tenacity, persistence, and strength. These attributes are not merely aspects of my professional life; they represent the core message of my brand and the profound impact that powerful communication can have.

As a public speaker, a member of Toastmasters International and Little PR Rock Marketing, I combine my skills to give my customers a range of assets and my own marketing tips.

I studied to postgraduate level and after working as a graphic designer and Community Mental Health Worker I have taken to working with consultants, coaches, authors and speakers like me.

It is very a different client but I am grateful for my 10 year role as a Media Officer at a local charity.


The name Little PR Rock Marketing is one that means a lot to me. My parents’ names were Pauline and Peter and I thought of their meanings. Pauline means small/ LITTLE. Peter means ROCK. After remembering that Little Rock is actually a place and people may think I live there I nailed it. LITTLE PR ROCK because my Dad was our ROCK and that is much of what I do for my clients. Supporting them. Nurturing them and getting them to believe in their own credibility. That was when it was born: LITTLE PR ROCK MARKETING.

My tagline is “With Perseverance and Resilience” because that is what you need in PR. You need to be Teflon and not be offended when things don’t go to plan. Oh, and the font that I have used for PR is called ENGAGEMENT. How fitting is that!


There are so many areas of PR available to help you stand out as a subject-matter expert and potential thought leader.

I can visualise your message quickly and respond with graphics and copy that will help you to communicate what you do best, how you contribute to your industry and why that helps your audience, readers and clients.

Media Kit

Downloadable A4 PDF documents with interactive URL links that take you to the relavant page. Available as a Flipbook which can be embedded on your website.

Press Releases

One page A4 copy creation to grab a journalists or editors attention. Can be uploaded to Agility PR Newsroom for a permanent URL for you to share.

Pitching The Media

This is where perseverance and resilience are needed. Up to 2 follow up pitches after the first email. Relationships with relevant media are necessary to get that email in their “must open” pile as a credible source for their audience.

Slide Decks

PowerPoint or Keynote presentation graphics to make you stand out online in a keynote. Still or animated graphics are available depending on your type of system. Zoom tips and Jpegs of slides available for social media.

As Seen In

Invest In Your Integrity

Integrity is the most valuable asset of any expert. Build trust with your knowledge, expertise, and reliability, which leads to becoming a dependable source of important information. To become a thought leader in marketing, you’ll need to become a welcome guest in people’s everyday lives.

The investment of time and money into personal development will rarely have a negative impact on your career prospects. Thought leaders are consistently in demand and are not often unemployed. Once people recognise you as an expert in your field, they will be asking you for advice and consulting opportunities.