OUT NOW: CREDIBILITY CONFIDENCE: How to Leverage PR as a Start-up

Abbi E. Hoxleigh, the founder of Little PR Rock Marketing, brings together her learned expertise of starting up her public relations (PR) business after ten years as a Media Officer at an established charity. Called Credibility Confidence: How to Leverage PR as a Start-up, this handbook includes PR insights, visual training tools, special techniques, motivational commentary, and Abbi’s industry highlights. The launch of her new book, tackling the subject of public relations for start-ups and small businesses, took place on Thursday, 27th April, at the University of Warwick’s Innovation District. Her attendance at the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator hub at the university makes the exclusive launch event possible.

This new business how-to-guide covers the needs of those working in a stressful media industry and tips to increase the likelihood of success for pitching to journalists and producers. As well as advice on unlocking your PR potential as a thought leader to create inner confidence as an expert and using PR tactics to support your sales process. Abbi suggests that confidence is the first step in making an impact through PR and aims to effectively communicate with an audience who is not a PR professional to help the reader to understand her message. This is her publishing debut as a sole author of a book.

As a PR and Communications Strategist, Abbi works with the Little PR Rock team of freelancers to provide PR training, consultancy, and content creation. She has collaborated with several business owners to offer services that meet the changing needs of her clients–including working with The Book Chief Publishing House, in Birmingham, which published this book. Abbi has been seen in various publications online and in print herself, including the Saturday Business Guide of The Daily Telegraph, PR Moment, BBC Radio 4, St James’s Place and The Business Bulletin. She also won second place in the Public Relations Today Most Valuable Post (MVP) Awards 2022.

Abbi said, “I wanted to write this book before I forgot how it felt to do my PR as a start-up. I believe that knowledge is a gift to share, and passion comes from the timing. When you start a business, it is an emotional journey that creates confidence and resilience as a business owner. I put pressure on myself when I offered several books to the Chamber of Commerce to help members who are start-ups before writing it. However, it compelled me to offer the massive value it delivers at the right level. ”

In the book’s forward, Wendy Brown, Abbi’s start-up mentor at the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce, said, “As a business advisor who supported Abbi on her early start-up journey, she tells it like it is, highlighting the highs and lows, successes and failures and how through her determination and hard work continues to work towards reaching her goals and that of her clients.”

Copies of this book are available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/CREDIBILITY-CONFIDENCE-How-Leverage-Start-up/dp/173937701X/

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CREDIBILITY CONFIDENCE: How to Leverage PR as a Start-up


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