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Mindset is a key topic in business now because it significantly impacts the success of individuals and organisations. UK Women’s businesses have a higher churn rate (i.e. more start-ups and closures). Women are less likely to believe they possess entrepreneurial skills: Female-led businesses are only 44% of the size of male-led businesses on average in terms of their contribution to the economy, and male SMEs are five times more likely to scale up to £1 million turnover than female SMEs.

Only 39% of women are confident in their capabilities to start a business compared to 55% of men. This is a perceived gap in ability rather than an actual gap in skill sets. (Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship, HM Treasury 2019). With increasing competition, rapid technological advancements, and economic uncertainty, having the right mindset is crucial for navigating these challenges and achieving long-term success.

Attendees will learn how to make better decisions, engage their employees, and achieve improved financial performance to reach their full potential. The takeaway message is to focus on improving mental and emotional wellbeing while empowering visitors to leave behind negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, and low self-worth and instead cultivate a mindset of resilience, creativity, and self-empowerment.


Invest In Your Credibility