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SongFest 2023 – Dean

American recording artist and singer-songwriter Dean Friedman announces the return of ‘SongFest’ for 2023 – a micro-music festival celebrating great songs and the folks who write them. In its 4th year, SongFest was conceived by Friedman and friends as an indoor, boutique music festival, providing an appreciative, listening audience with an intimate concert experience.

As an oh-so-local event, SongFest offers music lovers an alternative to the hype and crowds of major music festivals during the summer. As larger festivals have grown in size and popularity, there has been a growing demand for smaller, more intimate events like SongFest. These micro-festivals are not aiming to compete with the big players but instead focus on catering to a dedicated audience, creating a sense of community and bringing together like-minded people and artists. SongFest provides an authentic and personalised musical experience that allows attendees to connect with the music on a deeper level by maintaining a strong sense of place and curating a diverse lineup of talented artists.

Info and tickets to SongFest can be found at ‘Early Bird’ tickets to the 2-day micro-festival are £64. Day tickets for Saturday or Sunday are priced at £48.

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