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The entrepreneurial journey, particularly in its critical first five years, is fraught with challenges that can significantly impact mental health and business success. Entrepreneurs face a higher risk of depression, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, and even life-threatening behaviours, highlighting the urgent need for targeted support.

Who We Are

Abbi Hoxleigh, MCIPR, a PR Consultant and ex-Community Mental Health Worker with deep roots in mental health advocacy and communications, including a decade as a charity Media Officer, is at the forefront of addressing your well-being challenges. Alongside is Warrick Hegarty, a proficient burnout coach with 13 years of unique experience, from managing offending behaviour programmes in prison to coaching leaders in the Middle East. Warrick’s coaching ensures you are in the right mindset to apply Abbi’s PR strategies, creating a synergistic effect that promotes personal well-being and business success.

How It Works: The foundation of authentic leadership is “making inner dialogue consistent with external messaging” through coaching and PR

A pivotal aspect of our approach is ensuring that your inner dialogue as an entrepreneur—your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes about yourself, your business, and the world around you—resonates with the messaging you project to the world. This alignment is critical for authentic leadership and creates a foundation of internal and external trust and integrity with customers and all stakeholders.

Strategic PR and Communications: Abbi Hoxleigh MCIPR

Abbi Hoxleigh’s innovative PR ProClinic service is designed to benefit your emotional health through PR tactics, ensuring your journey is marked by growth and stability. The service offers a comprehensive approach to building a resilient entrepreneurial mindset through:

  • Issues Advocacy: Encouraging you to stand for something beyond your business, fostering a brand that contributes to societal change.
  • Leveraging Newsworthiness: Utilising current events and societal trends as a catalyst to maintain relevance and engage audiences.
  • Media Relationship Development: Expanding your media network, enhancing visibility, and building credibility.
  • Validation and Reputation Management: Crafting a brand that resonates with powerful core values and authenticity.
  • Encouraging Thought Leadership: Positioning you as a forward-thinking leader capable of inspiring change and innovation.
  • Consistency in Messaging: Ensuring that your inner dialogue aligns with external communications, promoting transparency and trust.

Leadership Resilience and Team Dynamics: Warrick Hegarty

Complementing Abbi’s strategic PR framework, Warrick Hegarty’s expertise in coaching is vital in preparing you to leverage these strategies effectively. His approach focuses on:

  • Developing a Resilient Mindset: Empowering you to manage stress, navigate uncertainty, and recover from setbacks.
  • Navigating Uncertainty: Equip yourself with strategies to manage ambiguity, making informed decisions with courage and clarity.
  • Personal and Team Burnout Prevention: Implementing strategies to maintain energy and motivation, ensuring your and your team’s well-being.
  • Motivational Drivers and Positive Change: Identifying and harnessing what drives you to inspire and lead your teams effectively.
  • Failure Management and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Building the courage to face challenges head-on and embrace learning opportunities.

The Outcome: Empowered Leadership and Business Success

Our services combine to form a unique value proposition: guiding entrepreneurs through the tumultuous first five years with strategies that enhance their mental health, brand presence, and leadership capabilities. Entrepreneurs can expect to:


  • Narrative Mastery: Control your story, strengthen mental resilience, enhance credibility.
  • Values-Driven Visibility: Champion causes, build resilience, cultivate loyalty.
  • Media Magnetism: Forge media relationships, amplify presence, boost resilience.
  • Thought Leadership: Lead dialogues, attract partnerships, bolster mental strength.
  • Strategic Influence: Secure influence, navigate challenges, steer conversations.

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